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How to Choose a Rhythmic Gymnastics School in Miami: 3 Step Guide

In our last post we discussed the benefits of doing gymnastics in Miami. The interest in rhythmic gymnastics in USA is constantly growing. Unlike several years ago, today there are a bunch of really great rhythmic gymnastics schools in Miami providing athletes with an opportunity to participate in rhythmic gymnastics competitions all over the USA. Each year new rhythmic gymnastics schools arise in Miami area. In these conditions choosing gymnastics school in Miami can be very confusing. 

To help parents of rhythmic gymnasts choose a rhythmic gymnastics school in Miami, we prepared this step-by-step guide, which indicates the main things you should consider when looking for the most suitable gymnastics school for your child. Hope it works!

3 Simple Steps to Choosing Rhythmic Gymnastics School for Your Child

Indicate the purpose of putting your child into a gymnastics class

If the primary goal of putting your child in gymnastics school is fun, it’s reasonable to find gymnastics classes nearby, with sweet teachers, who’ll be able to develop in your child interest in sports.

In case you are intended to raise a professional athlete from the very beginning, look for a rhythmic gymnastics school with the best gymnastics coaches in your area and proper training facilities, and be ready to invest time in bringing your athlete to that school if it is far from your place.
The good news is that among the 135 clubs, registered as members of USAG by October 2015, 14 are in Florida, and more than half of them are located in Miami area, which increases your chances to find a great rhythmic gymnastics school facility within easy reach.

Make a list of all rhythmic gymnastics schools in Miami within your reach, to choose from

Now, when you know your primary goal, it’ll be much easier to find the best rhythmic gymnastics school for your child. If your primary goal is raising a competitive gymnast, or if your daughter is already a highly skilled athlete, your second step is to choose the best rhythmic gymnastics school in Miami, you can afford. To identify the top gymnastics schools in Miami, follow these three steps:
  • Find out how they are performing at regional and national gymnastics events. You can easily do that by analyzing competitions results for several past years, which are usually easy to find on the Web, as they are published by USA Gymnastics after each event on their Website and then are being copied to other resources.
  • Check out the Rhythmic Gymnastics National Teams for the current year. If you manage to find one of your local rhythmic gymnastics school athlete’s name there, it means you are very lucky, because this means you have one of the elite rhythmic gymnastics schools in the USA nearby.
  • Check the sports background of gymnastics coaches in selected schools. The top performing rhythmic gymnastics schools tend to recruit elite gymnastics coaches, who are recognized throughout the world. By the way, rhythmic gymnastics is traditionally a Russian sports and therefore the best rhythmic gymnastic coaches in the USA speak the Russian language. Miami has one of the largest Russian communities in the United States, and the best rhythmic gymnastic coaches from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Bulgaria move here to bring up the sports of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Miami.    

If your main purpose is fun, choose from the most conveniently located rhythmic gymnastics schools in your area, with bright, colorful interior and various programs. In case your child will someday realize she does not want to do rhythmic gymnastics anymore, she’ll be able to try some other sports in familiar environment.
Bring your child to a trial class to ALL selected schools. Yes, right, to all rhythmic gymnastics schools that you indicated as possibly suitable. No matter how perfect a rhythmic gymnastics school is, nothing works, if your child doesn’t like the atmosphere, or a coach. 
Most of rhythmic gymnastics schools in Miami area encourage walk-in visits and allow you to schedule a trial class. In the meantime, while your child is taking her first gymnastics class in a new school, make sure that the program is presented in an age-appropriate manner and the gym is clean and take your time to ask the staff the following questions:
  • Is their gymnastics school a USA gymnastics member club?
  • Are their coaches certified members of USA Gymnastics?
  • What are their student to coach ratios?
  • Do they have all necessary equipment for gymnastics?
  • How the interaction between the school management and parents is carried out? (newsletters, website, etc.).
  • What is drop off and pick up policy?

(More information on the proper questions, you should ask, and the proper answers, you should get – in our next blog post. Stay tuned!)

Following these three simple steps will help you easily choose a gymnastics school for your child. You might choose one that will develop your child’s maximum potential, or a gym that will require you to re-evaluate in a few years. Either way, what matters is that your child is having a positive gymnastics experience.
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To get more information about rhythmic gymnastics in Miami, please, read our previous articles. If you have any other questions about rhythmic gymnastics in Miami, please, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call (786) 350-6655 and we’ll provide you all the information you need.
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